Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mi camera da letto

Ok, day 2 of pictures. Today: my bedroom! It's bigger than I remembered it being which is a good thing considering I will spend 3 years in it! I thought that I brought more pictures and knick-knack-thingys with me, but apparently I didn't. Oh well. I'll just have to bring some back when I go home for Christmas. Plus, going to IKEA on Friday so I'll try to pick up some prints and maybe a rug. We'll see..

I brought my duvet cover from home with me to add a familiar touch. I did bring a couple of pictures of the fam. Of course, I brought Elmo...how could I not?!

So, this is my "closet". I know that many of the people who know me best were concerned about how I would fit all of my clothes and, more importantly, my shoes in a small space. Well, as you can see I did just fine...of course, my winter clothes aren't here yet. My friend Justine is bringing them when she visits in Oct. Hmmm....we may have a problem then....

I'm planning on moving this desk out of my room because I just don't need it since I have my office. I want to move an arm chair in here so I have somewhere to read and watch movies on my computer. I brought 2 Willow Tree Angels with me and if you look closely you will see that one of them is on my desk...and she's missing her head. Apparently she had a rough journey from AZ. :)

Each of the rooms has their own vanity and built-in shelving unit. Here's mine! It breaks my heart to see my book shelf so empty when I have all those tubsn of books in my storage unit...stupid airline luggage weight restriction. Thank God for online books!

The view from my room. It's not very inspiring, but I don't plan on spending much time looking out my window either so it's all good. The building is a part of the University of Malta. There are quite a lot of universities around us. However, the Afghanistan embassy is directly across the street...think men in camo clutching machine guns. (I am not making this up. Really.)

And finally, you guessed it...my "AC" units. Ha! I stole the larger fan from the TV room. Suppose I will have to put it back in the next week once the students arrive. Hope that it's cool enough at night by then that I won't need both fans!

So, that's my room. Tomorrow: my bathroom...get excited!

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