Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Again, God is so good! He encouraged me so mch today thru His people and new faces that I am overwhelmed.

I went with Lynda today to sign the paperwork for her apartment (insert NOOOOOO here). Her landlord's son, Ugo, met us at the apartment and drove us to the office where we needed to be. (I will write more about this later because it was an experience) He is just the nicest guy and I don't mind saying...super attractive. :) Anywho, after walking us through the lengthy procedure he treated us to coffee and drove us to where we needed to go.

Later, a student approached me and verbally encouraged me. I was so touched by the outpouring that for the second time today I almost started to cry. What's going on with me?

As if that weren't enough...a student encouraged me on this blog and then she and some of the other students bought me flowers. Man! I am blessed. No matter what's going on or how I am feeling the Lord is always present and lavishes His love upon me.

Thank you to the students who have encouraged my heart today, thank you to my colleagues who have stood alongside me, thank you to my prayer warrior friends and family, and most of all thank you God for your unfailing love.

Need encouragement? Check out these beautiful flowers and be reminded that you are loved by those who know you, but more importantly by the God of all creation.

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