Thursday, September 10, 2009

On hold

Today is the day students arrive in Rome. Today is the day I've been working towards since I was hired a little over a year ago. Today has been postponed.

I was on Facebook last night as I was finishing some things up around campus before students arrived when I noticed some posts by Rome-bound students who should have been on a plane bound for Chicago at that point. Flight delays. Then, an hour later: flight cancellation. UGH. I felt so badly for those students. They were so excited to leave yesterday and then...nothing. Of course, they did have a mini adventure in that American Airlines put them up in a nice hotel with their own rooms with food vouchers for the evening. They will be here tomorrow after catching a noon flight to JFK and then a 5:20 flight to Rome.

At first I was very disappointed because I was super excited to meet them and get going, but after some thought and prayer I decided that perhaps this was the Lord's way of protecting them from something. Lynda had an idea regarding their visa status and it makes sense. So, no matter how disappointed I may be...I am thankful that God is in control of the situation and I need not worry.

Of course, I did just get an email from a colleague who informed me of bad weather on the East coast. Please God, do not delay them again!

The irony of the situation is this: we had one student flying in from Uganda apart from the group since her parents are missionaries there and that's where she's been this summer. She arrived on time...from Africa...whereas our group from the USA hasn't. Hmmm...what's wrong with this picture!?

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