Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Il Colosseo and more

When I was in Rome 2 years ago I was overwhelmed by the Colosseum. To me, it was the most impressive structure in Rome. It literally took my breath away. After I returned home and printed my pictures, I was shocked to see that I had well over 150 pictures or so of the Colosseum alone...a fact my friend Nicole teased me for.

I thought that I was over the whole 'stand in awe with your jaw slack at the sight of it'...not that it wouldn't continue to impress me, but I thought it wouldn't seem as grand, as staggering. Wrong. It continues, as does the Forum and Palatine Hill, to be absolutely breathtaking. I was again speechless at its majesty and grandeur. How could you not be!? Since many of you can't be here with me to experience it....I thought I'd share some photos. (I only took 127 this time, Nicole. :) )

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