Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok, so I haven't blogged since the "experience." I do not want to talk about it again. (Although, can I just say that later in the evening two of the nuns came upstairs to talk to me about something and I told them about the situation. They were so upset on my behalf that I started to cry. Their defense of me and willingness to defend me that it really touched me.)

Despite the sisters encouragement, I woke up the next morning feeling "off". I wanted to go home. I wanted to be with my friends. I wanted to be with family. I wanted my mom! It took continuing asking Jesus to be with me, to encourage me, to strengthen me to calm me down. I had a job to do and I needed to get going.

I was so blessed! I had a great morning with my students going over the policies of the program and all that fun stuff because it ended up being really fun. They are an amazing group of young adults and God has given me so much in them. They make me laugh like no other.

After we went over some household business, we did a walking tour of the neighborhood and I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard! Then, after dinner we watched Roman Holiday. Love it!

All in all, it was a great Saturday. I am so glad that they're here....and that the villa is now filled with the pitter, patter of "little" feet!

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  1. Encouraging to hear mamma Kristen - the Lord meeting you in your need and through the laughter of your kiddos! Will continue to pray - miss you and would love to be with you;) Xo