Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heaven and Hell

My first Sunday in Rome. Woke up this morning after getting a fairly good night's sleep...finally! My room wasn't too hot, had a nice cup of espresso, and headed off to church. A good way to start the day....until I experienced my first glimpse of hell.

The bus. Normally, I don't mind riding the bus here. In fact, I rather enjoy it because you get to see so much and I love watching people. Today, though, well...I think I'd have rather walked the entire way. The bus was crowded with people since it's Sunday and there are fewer buses. After managing to squeeze between some people, we settled in for our ride to the Termini train station where we would catch the Metro to the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) and make our way to Rome American Baptist Church. The problem was that it became obvious after 2 seconds that we were not fortunate enough to have gotten on an air conditioned bus. So, imagine...people standing shoulder to shoulder, arms touching, and skin blazing as the temps outside were in the high 90s. Yes, there was an occasional breeze from the open windows (whoever designed bus windows to only open near the ceiling should be shot), but it wasn't enough to cool anyone down. I seriously think I looked as if I were standing under a faucet because sweat was literally dripping down my forehead, from my hair, and to parts unknown. Thankfully, it wasn't a long ride and we were able to find some respite in the metro.

Church was good since it was just nice to be with other believers and worship. A couple that we had met in October was there and it was great to see familiar faces. After the service, Lynda and I sought out a restaurant that we visited in Oct and were quite pleased when we found it. We had a delicious lunch. I had the spaghetti al pomodoro and she had the pizza....can I just say....YUUUUMMMMM???? Heaven. After lunch, we leisurely strolled back to the metro stop and looked in shop windows. Another glimpse of heaven. (Ok, that my be pushing it and it may be slightly blasphemous, but still.....whew).

The streets surrounding the Spanish Steps are lined with designer shops. I'm not talking stores with names like Banana Republic or even as upscale as Michael Kors. Nope. I mean Italian designers. The real deal. Prada. Dolce and Gabbana. Gucci. Versace. Yves Saint Laurent. La Perla. I saw 2 coats in the Burberry windows I would rock, but I actually like having money throughout the I'll pass for now. Reaching the piazza that surrounds the steps we came across a fountain...another glimpse of heaven.

Here's what's so great about all of the fountains in Rome: you can drink from them. You can put your water bottle under the spout of water and fill your bottle with cool, crisp, refreshing water straight from...yep, you guessed it....heaven. dolce vita.

Getting back on the metro we headed back to Termini to grab the bus. This time, the bus wasn't crowded, but unfortunately it was much later and much hotter. It was so stuffy and stifiling. I don't mean to complain...really, I don't. But it just confounds me that I could be so hot ALL of the time. We walked to get gelato last night and I was sweating. It's just unreal how much I have sweated. You'd think that there wouldn't be anything left!

We made it back to the villa and practically crawled up the stairs to the 3rd floor. I went straight to the bathroom and rinsed off and proceeded to the kitchen where I downed a liter of water and sat in front of the fan. Ahhhh.....heaven.

Right now, my three favorite Starbuck's cup, a pitcher of water and a fan.

Soooo goooddd....

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  1. I love all your descriptions! Man, that bus does sound AWFUL. I experienced something like that in Mexico one time, but tried to throw that file out of my brain...Glad you are enjoying the little things is life like fabulous spaghetti and oscillating fans. Love you! I need to get a webcam so I can Skype!!!

  2. i love that you're using your starbucks cup! so happy you have a part of me with you! (if you can consider that a part of me!)