Thursday, October 22, 2009

Va bene

One of the things that I appreciate about Italians is their ability to take life as it take it easy. I like that about life here...until of course it impedes my ability to live my life and do my job. In those moments, those moments I say: get moving!!

The bank. I finally got an account set up last week. It only took us 6.5 weeks. This was because the banker we initially contacted was on holiday in August. Then, he went on holiday in September. Finally, after having everything he needed for 5 weeks he told us they couldn't help us. So, we turned to a colleague and she helped me to set up the account. The college sent their first wire for the account yesterday. I still don't have access to those funds. The banker told me to would get there. Va bene. My students leave today for their fall break.

Phones. After the debacle with the phone guy in August, it was decided that we would purchase cell phones for students to rent from us. I ordered them nearly 3 weeks ago. Nothing. I was told they were on their way. Va bene. My students leave today for their fall break.

It seems that at times Italians take their laid back lifestyle too far, but what ends up happening is it creates unnecessary stress and frustration at times for those who are counting on and relying upon the "system" to be in place and for it to help. Va bene means "it's ok" or "no worries." I've heard it a lot and frankly...sometimes I want to shout and say "No! It's not ok. Stop messing around and get with it!" In those moments I refrain and remind myself that I am a guest in this culture and as a guest I must tread lightly.

All I know is that as I navigate this languid country it is only by God's grace that things work. By His mercy I was able to get money for students and by His mercy the phones came in this morning. Thank God for His grace and mercy...with it life here in Rome really is va bene.

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