Sunday, October 4, 2009

Favorite hideout

I discovered a new hideout for myself today. On my way home from church I hopped off the bus at the stop before ours and made my way to the park at Villa Torlonia, formerly the residence of Mussolini.

I wandered the lush green landscape for a bit, taking turns sitting in shaded grassy spots, on sun baked benches, and beneath a green canopy of tree branches. I'd never been to the park or the villa before and was surprised by how big the area was. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Granted there were lots of people there, walking, running, playing with kids, picnicking, and enjoying the great Rome fall day, but somehow it still felt secluded and if it were my very own sanctuary. I did my Bible study and listened to my iPod. The perfect way to spend a Sunday and some much needed time alone with God.

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  1. Kristen,

    You do not know me (I linked from Amanda's blog) but, as the parent of one of the students , it is a blessing to me to see that those to whom we have entrusted our children are gaining their strength and solace from the true Comforter. Thank you for what you are doing. May God continue to guide you as you live out your dream in Italy.