Monday, January 14, 2013

So close....

I fly between the US and Rome four times a year. That's a lot of time spent in a tiny (well, 747s are not tiny....but their seats and space sure are!) little plane. It takes me about an average of 15 hours to get from one city to the other. That's a lot of time in one space....a lot of time. So, naturally one of my goals has been to get upgraded to first class for free. How to do this? How! I've tried asking nicely...I've tried batting my eyes a bit and smiling a little wider (hey, I'm not above using my God-given charm to get an upgrade)...and I've tried just going to the edge of polite begging. All of this to no avail. And then...a ray of hope. A pocket of sunshine.

I made the acquaintance of a guy whose brother works for British Airways (I typically fly the BA flight between London and Phoenix because it's a great flight and a good airline). So, I asked this gentleman somewhat jokingly...maybe 99% serious and 1% jokingly...if he could ask his brother how I could get upgraded to first class. Well, he asked his brother and he said that if the flight wasn't full.....he could upgrade me. WHAT?!!? Shut up! (Insert Elaine Benes push here) Can we talk about how excited I was at the possibility of this? Anyways, my friend sent his brother all of my information and said he'd be in touch. So, I waited, and waited, and waited....and when I didn't hear anything I just figured the matter was forgotten. Then, last night I received a text from my friend telling me that he didn't forget me, but that he hadn't heard from his brother, but that he'd remind his brother and I would probably see him when I checked in for my flight. There was still hope! And that's how I went to bed last night...with hope and dreams of not being cramped, but being able to lie all the way down in my own little pod while flight attendants catered to my every whim! Whoa...let's not go overboard.

So, I arrived at the airport (buoyed by hope), went the check-in counter, and saw.....all women. Yep. The brother wasn't there. Still, I hoped that there would be some sort of note on my record. I approached the check-in desk, handed the woman my passport, and waited with bated breath as she looked at my passport intently....could it be?? No. She said nothing about an upgrade. So, I asked her if there was a chance for one. Yes, she said. YES! For $300, she said. Noooooo!!! I'm not about to pay $300.

Now, I know that you were hoping for a happy ugraded ending to this story, but's not meant to be....yet. :0 I fully intend, and hope, to be upgraded sometime....somehow....someway.

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