Saturday, January 28, 2012

Il mio accento

This is a post that was in my draft folder from November: I have to take a moment to say: YES!!! I was paid what I consider to be a rather huge compliment today by an Italian woman. Here's what went down:

Our Italian instructor came in today despite it being an Italian holiday to give our students their mid-term exam. She wasn't able to give it to them before break because Rome flooded the day of the exam. So, she brought her mother and daughter with her as they were to head into the Center to a museum afterwards. I have met her mom on a number of occasions and so I stopped in the classroom and said a quick hello.

We chatted for a moment and she complimented my much improved Italian. In fact, she even went so far as to tell me that when I spoke I did so with a Roman accent. She said I spoke Roman Italian and not as an American speaking Italian. Stop! That can't be true! For one thing, I've never taken a formal language class, and another....that's just too cool. This has inspired me to continue my study of Italian. I want to be fluent....or at least proficient!

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