Friday, June 5, 2009

Week one down...many more to go

I can't believe that the end of my first week at Geneva is here. It doesn't seem possible.

It has really been a great week. I have felt so welcomed and valued since I have arrived that it has made the transition that much easier. Colleagues have invited me into their homes, taken me for meals, driven me to the grocery store, and so much more. It is such a blessing to work at a place where they truly value and care for one another. And I know that this is God's way healing and restoring some of what had been stripped from me this last year at my previous school. He is so good!

I am almost through with the Student Handbook for next year. I think that by next week at this time I will be able to send it to my boss for proofreading and then begin on our Emergency Response're all jealous, I know you are! It may sound like boring work, but in all honesty because I know where it's leading's rather exciting and I am really enjoying it.

Still, there is much to be decided and much to consider that at times it is just beyond overwhelming, but Lynda, my colleague who will be in Rome with me, has confessed feeling the same and there is something comforting about not feeling all alone. It's good to know that it's not just me. :)

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  1. WOW... I feel like I am reading about my first year in Student Life at GCU... handbooks, emergency plans.... HA!

    I am SO proud of you! Sounds like you are doing amazing AND really opening your heart and life to the new people God has PLACED into your life!

    Remember - each person is in your life so that Christ can continue to refine you into what He needs you to become... the good, bad, and ULGY (and I am not talking looks here!)they all have a purpose! (Sorry to bring up the past!)

    You are an amazing woman of God! Remember that ALWAYS. He has entrusted you with this amazing opportunity so that YOU will make an impact on these young lives for Christ. But don't forget that these young lives will be doing the same for you. Keep your heart open to the lessons!

    I know you will! This is awesome to read about! Miss you tons KiKi!

    P.S. Everytime I have the computer out now - Noah asks if KiKi is on TV again! Makes me laugh - you have hit STAR status in his eyes!!!