Monday, April 5, 2010

Buona Pasqua!!

Happy Easter da Roma!

It's been a good day here in Rome, albeit wet and a bit cold! Still, it was a good day.

We started the day at the Vatican for Easter mass. One of our students had requested tickets for mass and we were all really excited. I mean, who wouldn't be?! This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, we left campus at 7:45 (shudder) and made our way to St. Peter's. We arrived there around 8:30 and found ourselves waiting in the security "line." I say "line" because it's a seemingly fluid and almost foreign concept here in Italy....lines don't exist and if they do, they exist to be cut into. It really is quite amazing. So, we waited while the rain started and strangers pressed up against you on all sides...and we all know how I feel about that.

After about 2+ hours we made it into the piazza and tried to find the entrance for the seated area. Well. We found it only to be told that it was full. Hmmm. What's the point of tickets if it's going to be full? Only seems logical. Instead of sitting, we stood and watched mass on the large TV screens they'd placed in the piazza. Despite the rain, the crowds, language barriers, cold, and everything was a pretty amazing experience. How many people can say they've been to Easter mass at the Vatican where the Pope presided? Not many.
(Do you see the Pope in this picture? He's kind of hard to make out, but he's just above the red umbrella)

Afterwards we headed back to campus for much needed rest before dinner and funtivities. Lynda, myself, and some of the students did quite a bit of prep work on Saturday so we didn't have a lot to do, but enough. We planned a big meal and wanted it to be special for students since they were away from home. You can't get ham here in Italy like we're used to in the States so we opted for pork roast. You can't get cheddar cheese in Italy like we can in the States so we opted for mashed potatoes rather than a potato casserole. We also had a fabulous fruit salad and steamed veggies. For dessert we had sugar cookies, Nutella cheesecake, and Pavlova. Man I miss having my cake stands on days like this! :)

Before dinner we had an Easter egg hunt. It was such fun watching the students scramble about the convent for candy-filled eggs. Lots of laughs! After we surprised them with a new Wii I sit and write this they're playing golf!

All in all, it was a fabulous day. Yes, I missed my family, ham, and cornflake potatoes, but we had a great day nonetheless. I mean really what it boils down to is Jesus. He gave His life so that I could be spared eternity separated from God. Instead, He gave Himself over to humiliation on the Cross, died, and rose again so that thru His sacrifice I can find grace, mercy, and eternity in heaven with Him. Thank you, Jesus. I love you!

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